Congratulations to all learners across the nation that have completed levels on the LearnStorm tracker! We'd specially like to thank the following teachers and their students for unlocking the highest levels this year!

Note: the above list are of classes that have at least 10 students in each and have completed the highest levels in LearnStorm 2020.
End of program prizes

Complete level 15 to win $200 gift cards!

After LearnStorm ends, any teacher who has a class of 10 or more students that has completed level 15 on the progress tracker will be eligible to enter a raffle for prizes! We will send out the invitation to qualified teachers in the month of December. Stay tuned!

The 50 winning teachers will each receive both a $100 Amazon e-gift card and a $100 DonorsChoose e-gift card.

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What about my students?

We haven't forgotten that kids love to get the recognition they deserve! With your permission, we'd love to publish the names of the top 20 classes and school name that have earned the highest levels on the progress tracker this fall. An eligible class must have 10 or more students that have authentically earned progress. Teachers of eligible classes will each receive an email asking for permission to share the names of the class and school in the month of December. Stay tuned! 


With the Amazon gift card, consider purchasing some ebooks and audiobooks for your students to enjoy during this time of distance and hybrid learning! With the DonorsChoose gift card, have the class collaborate to research and vote on a project they'd love to support.

win to give
Mid PROGRAM prizes, sponsored by unicef kid power

This year, your students’ progress will unlock life-saving packages that will be delivered on behalf of your class to under-resourced kids and families all over the world! Prizes are available throughout the program. Classes of all sizes can win!

Meals for families

Water-treating tablets

Jump Ropes

Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF)

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Find the LearnStorm program in Brazil and India