Complete levels 1, 3, 5 and 7 to unlock life-saving packages!
Hi teachers: when you have at least one class complete the following levels on the LearnStorm tracker, UNICEF will send out a corresponding package on behalf of you and your class to under-resourced children locally and globally! Once you've completed Level 1, you will receive a weekly prize report via email confirming your unlocked prizes! Be sure to share this news with your students to get them excited for more! 

Level 1

Meals for families

When at least one of your classes completes level 1 on the tracker, you unlock a healthy meal to be delivered, in conjunction with UNICEF and its partners, to a U.S. family. With coronavirus, now more than ever, families may be visiting food banks for the first time. Together, we can ensure our families, friends, and neighbors get the nutrition they need.

Level 3

Water-treating tablets

When at least one of your classes completes level 3 on the tracker, you unlock 25 water purification tablets that UNICEF will deliver globally to families in communities in need. These tablets treat 100 liters of water, providing children and families with proper water, sanitation and hygiene.

Level 5

Jump Ropes

When at least one of your classes completes level 5 on the tracker, you unlock a jump rope that UNICEF will deliver to a child in a school, refugee camp, or child-soldier rehabilitation center around the world. A jump rope allows a child to play, exercise, and have fun, which are critical to a child’s development.

Level 7

Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF)

When at least one of your classes completes level 7 on the tracker, UNICEF will deliver a therapeutic food packet to a severely malnourished child around the world. Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food brings a listless child back to good health.

Special shoutout to our prize sponsor

Thank you for making the "Win To Give" prizes for LearnStorm levels 1, 3, 5 and 7 possible!

We are so grateful to UNICEF Kid Power for collaborating with us to motivate learners to keep going and growing through the LearnStorm tracker! If your classes would love to unlock even more impact units (beyond LearnStorm) for children who need critical support around the world, please sign up for UNICEF Kid Power!

What is UNICEF Kid Power?

UNICEF Kid Power is a FREE interactive video platform that connects students’ everyday activity to real-world impact. As students interact with physical activity and social-emotional learning videos (either at school or home), they unlock critical support (food, medical supplies and more) that UNICEF and its impact partners distribute to children in our global and local communities. Get active and save lives!

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